Virtual Data Center Deployment
& Implementation for Your Enterprise

Hosting, Maintenance, Backups,
and Service for your servers in
a fully secure data center


About Strategic Private Cloud

Strategic Private Cloud is a locally-based data center implementation offering designed to help enterprises efficiently and effectively incorporate cloud-based services into their IT architectures to support storage, virtualization, and application delivery requirements.


In addition to helping enterprise clients rollout their private clouds, Strategic also offers Managed Services for teams who want to reduce the impact of daily IT administration on their in-house technical resources.

Whether your company is growing in terms of revenue, employees, software applications, or data storage requirements, Strategic Private Cloud offers the most cost-effective and reliable way to scale your technology resources and keep up with the growth.


You know the benefits of deploying cloud services:


  • Reduce upfront costs; eliminate large upfront capital expenses

  • Increase availability/uptime

  • Easily scale to fit fluctuations in staffing, software, and data store requirements

  • Deploy quickly

  • Access your Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) from anywhere on the Internet

  • Highly compatible with just about any technology


Strategic helps you design, deploy, and implement cloud services the right way for your business. Once implemented, your highly-customized Strategic Private Cloud is easily managed and controlled to meet your growing and changing requirements; the time spent on daily IT administration is significantly reduced.


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We can also help you maintain and manage your Strategic Private Cloud if your in-house resources need to focus on other projects and tasks.  To learn more, call us or read about our Managed Services offerings.
Strategic Private Cloud offers clients the opportunity to reduce costs, eliminate time spent on daily IT administration, and scale technology resources to accommodate business growth and reduce risk.