Identify and Evaluate Risks within your Business

In-depth, detailed, documentation and review of the People, Processes, and Technology in play and a qualitative rating of the identified risks.

Your Business Evaluated from 3 Angles


A CISSP or other security-certified member of our team will sit down with your key points of contact (CISO, CTO, Administrator, Security Coordinator, HIPAA Officer, etc.) to discuss specific daily and recurring processes and tasks that employees and leadership perform to keep protected information safe.


Your business policies and procedures will be read to determine if they satisfy specific HIPAA and OCR compliance requirements and/or industry Best Practices.


Non-invasive scans are run on all PCs, servers, firewalls, and network-attached devices to collect in-depth technical information

Your Risks are Identified and Ranked

Following the collection of information and documentation from the evaluation of your business' People, Processes, and Technology, we'll combine all the information into a long report and then review every page of that report to identify risks (whether they are HIPAA risks, security risks, cyber risks, compliance risks, etc.) and list them in order of potential impact to your business, with recommendations for remediation of each identified risk.


At the end of each assessment we meet with you and present a thorough analysis which includes:


  • A detailed report of hardware and software inventory, user accounts, security groups, group policies, network shares, internet access, security patches, event logs, listening ports, and additional external vulnerabilities

  • A risk analysis of your companies’ people, processes, and technology which highlights medium and high security risks

  • A compliance based summary of all risks and vulnerabilities identified during the assessment

  • A prioritized list of recommendations on how to mitigate risks and prevent future vulnerabilities.

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The Importance of Security Risk Assessments

Protect Your Business: Conduct a Security Assessment

Over the last few years there has been an influx of new healthcare laws and mandates.  The risks of non-compliance are daunting, as HIPAA violation fines can range up to $100,000 per event. In addition, the reputational damage and organizational distractions caused by breaches create costs that often eclipse any fine.


Information security is a constant and challenging process. From data protection to secure business practices, it is a challenge that is frequently evolving with new technologies, threats, and regulatory requirements.  Whether you are trying to attest to Meaningful Use, prepare for a potential HIPAA audit, or gain a better understanding of your environment, Strategic can help.

Why Strategic?

When it comes to your healthcare IT services provider, your practice deserves to have a partner that brings comprehensive knowledge and experience to bear in EHR, HIPAA, and other healthcare specific operational, compliance, and technology challenges. 


We understand your technology, your business needs, and your solutions providers. We have been doing this for over 20 years, and we know what it takes to get the job done. Our team members are experts in healthcare technologies and regulations, so you don't have to waste your time explaining your business complexities.  We give you the peace of mind to have a partner who is committed to your success.

Strategic is focused on healthcare IT.  Since 2001, Strategic has taken a consultative approach to providing best in breed technology solutions and support to healthcare practices in the Mid-Atlantic region.  Through working with our 80 healthcare clients, we have developed the knowledge and expertise required to perform these critical assessments. We know every practice is unique. Our team will take the time to fully understand your business and help you build a path to a secure infrastructure, secure business practices, and a secure future.

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