Webinar: Is Your CyberSecurity Ready for COVID-19?

SSVA and Huntress Labs have teamed up to provide an educational webinar to anyone interested, focusing on the evolution of the cybersecurity threatscape throughout the COVID-19 crisis.

  • Stopping Incidents Before the Breach Evaluate the difference between preventative security measures vs. detective security measures to provide next-level protection from next-level attackers.

  • Evolution of SMB Security Review tangible evidence of how antivirus and firewalls are no longer sufficient for full-business protection.

  • COVID-Related Phishing Examine how attackers are taking advantage of the population's general sense of urgency or anxiety, combined with a remote workforce, to find their way into your network.

Following the webinar, take advantage of an offer for a no charge Baseline Security Assessment to review your current security posture and determine which efforts can reduce your chances of a cybersecurity incident.

Register for the webinar here:


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