Healthcare Innovation: Remote Patient Management

How many of your patients wear smart watches or Fitbits?

What if you could get paid to consistently manage their care by utilizing these devices (or something similar)?

The Good News? You Can!

CMS is increasing reimbursements for the time spent collecting and interpreting health data from Remote Patient Management (RPM) devices from $58 to $123 per Medicare patient per 30 days.

Explore the benefits of implementing RPM at your practice:

Simplicity & Flexibility:

  • One-touch virtual visits

  • Multiple deployment methodologies

  • Designed for consumer electronics

  • Turnkey-ready logistics

  • Low monthly payments

  • Mobile apps initiated by text message to patient's mobile device

Reimbursement Models:

  • One portal for all coordination and documentation

  • Relevant solutions for at-risk, rising-risk, and high-risk segments

  • Mobile apps and interactive voice response for at-risk and rising-risk

  • Risk stratification tools and integration options

  • 24/7 technical support

Why Implement Remote Patient Management at your practice?

  • 90% of patients want a digital health connection with their provider

  • 69% of healthcare professionals ranked RPM as the #1 reducer of overall costs

  • 62% of patients said RPM devices would help them manage their condition

  • ROI with RPM can be up to $9000 per patient

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