Uninterrupted Connectivity

Stay connected even when your internet provider goes down

Explanation of SD-WAN


Cisco Meraki devices installed at each office create a fully-meshed VPN connection, meaning all Internet circuits are automatically connected, via a secure tunnel, to each of the other Internet circuits at branch locations to ensure complete connectivity.

Utilizing the Cisco Meraki cloud, commands can be sent remotely and failover can be facilitated at lightning speed to reduce or eliminate breaks in employee productivity.  This cloud control allows for a more stable environment that responds to identified vulnerabilities as soon as they are realized.

Each network is fully customizable.  SSVA Network Engineers will create dynamic workflow patterns to ensure specific applications, sites, or systems get a prioritized status, so that your primary programs can run unhindered while less critical traffic is forced to take a backseat.


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Benefits of SD-WAN

  • 100% up-time

  • Automatic failover when primary circuit experiences issue

  • All network traffic is AES encrypted

  • Intrusion prevention and malware protection is built in

  • Bandwidth can be segmented for specific uses

  • Load balancing and redundancy

  • Cloud orchestrated VPN with load balancing and self-healing capabilities

  • Policy based routing and performance-based dynamic path selection

  • Application bandwidth limiting and prioritization

  • Eliminate expensive MPLS or Fiber circuits to save thousands monthly