Remote Patient Management


RPM is the next big thing in medical care, patients just don’t know it yet.

And, it seems, neither do many physicians.

RPM devices are pieces of wearable technology that include trackers and sensors that capture and record patient health data outside of a medical practice. Providers can then use the recorded data to improve how the patient’s chronic disease is managed and to engage the patient in their own care.

Better than that, you can get paid for participation in this new technology:

CMS will be separating the current CPT code (99091) for patient monitoring into 3 codes in 2019

Frequently Asked Questions

Cartão de Crédito

Atualmente é possível dividir em até 12 vezes no cartão de crédito, com taxas de juros. Bandeiras aceitas: Visa, Mastercard, Hipercard, American Express e Elo. Veja, abaixo, a tabela com os juros correspondentes à quantidade de parcelas:

  • 1 parcela: 0% de taxa de juros
  • 2 parcelas: 2,39% de taxa de juros
  • 3 parcelas: 4,78% de taxa de juros
  • 4 parcelas: 7,17% de taxa de juros
  • 5 parcelas: 8,99% de taxa de juros
  • 6 parcelas: 10,49% de taxa de juros
  • 7 parcelas: 11,83% de taxa de juros
  • 8 parcelas: 12,49% de taxa de juros
  • 9 parcelas: 13,21% de taxa de juros
  • 10 parcelas: 14,59% de taxa de juros
  • 11 parcelas: 16% de taxa de juros
  • 12 parcelas: 17,41% de taxa de juros

Boleto Bancário

Apenas para pagamento à vista. Opção disponível para pagamentos realizados em até 05 dias úteis que antecede o início do curso.


Simplicity & Flexiblity

Simplicity & Flexibility

  • One-touch virtual visits

  • Multiple deployment methodologies

  • Designed for consumer electronics

  • Turnkey-ready logistics

  • Low monthly payments

  • Mobile apps initiated by text message to patient's mobile device

Reimbursement Models

Reimbursement Models

  • Provider and Payer

  • Fee-for-service

  • Fee-for-value

  • Concierge care business opportunity

  • Bundle initiatives

  • Accountable care

  • Re-admissions reduction program

  • Clinical Research

All-in-One Solutons

All-in-One Solutions

  • One portal for all coordination and documentation

  • Relevant solutions for at-risk, rising-risk, and high-risk segments

  • Mobile apps and interactive voice response for at- and rising-risk

  • Risk stratification tools and integration options

  • 24/7 technical support


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