Secure Text Messaging

Your patients are always texting.

Why not get engaged to enhance patient experience and get paid for it?

Patient Transportation

Use technology to seamlessly deliver your patients right to your door.

Secure Text Messaging

90% of patients want
to text their provider.

Patient's #1 complaint is
lack of communication.

Increase Reimbursements

Get reimbursed for reviewing photos or videos texted by your patients on your own time.

Ensure a Better Experience

Send appointment notifications, announce new offerings, or just have an efficient conversation directly with your patient.

Keep Patients Healthy

Proactively address health concerns before they escalate to bigger issues.

Decrease No-Shows

Send notifications in a manner your patients are most likely to read.

HIPAA Compliant

All secure text messages are HIPAA certified and can be used to discuss PHI.

Patient Transportation

3.6 million Americans

miss their appointments

due to lack of reliable transportation.

Designed Specifically for Healthcare

Application seamlessly integrates with EHR workflows to eliminate unnecessary phone calls.

Comprehensive Solution

One single solution can arrange a variety of transportation (including wheelchair vans, ambulances, and regular sedans) and work with a variety of payers (Medicaid, Medicare, private insurance, patient pay, etc.) to reduce financial burden of transportation.

Cost Reduction

Facilitate the use of Uber/Lyft in place of taxis to reduce transportation costs up to 40%.

Time Saver

Quickly book transportation to relieve Care Coordinators from making unnecessary phone calls.


Automatically send trip reminders to patients.


Available reporting function provides valuable insight to better manage costs and utilization.

One organization was able to increase their ride volume by 6% while still cutting costs by 40%

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