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Password Management

How Often Should You Change Your Password?

 At least every 90 days.
Feel free to change it even more often!

In What Systems Should You Change Your Password?

 All systems!  This means email, EHR, your PC, your bank, your credit card, etc.

Tips for Proper Password Management

  • Make your password a phrase or sentence (as opposed to a single word)
    For example: My2ndGradeTeacherWasGreat!
    A phrase can be just as easy to remember as a combination of letters and numbers, plus they're more fun to create

  • Try creating your password in a different language
    Do you remember anything from your high school French class or that one German class you took in college?
    For example: NecesitoCambiarMiContrasenaOtraVez?!

  • Implement a password manager, which will create and store a strong password for each of your logins, but only requires you to remember the one password to access the password manager program.

  • Always use different passwords for your business accounts and personal accounts

  • Never share your password or post it in plain site (under your keyboard is strictly off-limits)

  • Lastly, don't forget to change your phone's password too!

Why is this so important?

We know it's annoying.  The amount of passwords, account logins, and other credentials that we are expected to remember is astounding.  Continuously changing your passwords makes it even more difficult.

 - BUT - 

All it takes is one breached password - someone enters their PC password into the wrong internet form, and all of a sudden the whole organization is at risk.  You have been entrusted with very valuable information that could do major damage if it falls into the wrong hands.  It is up to every individual to do their part in securing the data to which they have access.