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Cybersecurity Awareness Month: Top Tips

Top 10 Cybersecurity Tips for staying safe this Cybersecurity Awareness Month: Create unique passwords and enforce multi-factor authentication for all network users. Install spam-filtering solutions with anti-phishing capabilities across your network. Leverage web-filtering programs that block phishy websites. Prepare for cryptojacking attacks. Purchase SMB security suites that include Dark Web monitoring. Involve all stakeholders in raising cybersecurity awareness across your organization. Assess your organization’s information, protection, and access regularly. Ensure that all third-parties have cybersecurity protocols and policies in place. Build a cybersecurity incident response plan (CI

Cybersecurity Awareness Month: SMB Edition

During the month of October, Cybersecurity Awareness Month reminds us of a category of crime that continues to inflict taxpayers and companies with damages amounting to billions of dollars annually. Staying updated on the latest attack types and prevention techniques is the only way to future-proof your organization. Here are five fraud trends from our experts that you won’t want to miss: Fabrication Synthetic identity fraud is initiated when a hacker procures a social security number by theft or purchase on the Dark Web, and then fabricates an associated name, DOB, email account, or phone number. From there, the fake identity is legitimized and nurtured in order to exploit lines of credit.

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