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Telehealth Equipment Reimbursement

via NCMSF Financial Recovery Program

Have you been wanting to implement Telehealth?
Has the pandemic reduced your number of patients or revenue, making the investment in telehealth questionable?

The North Carolina Medical Society Foundation recently announced a $25,000,000 fund to be used to support independent medical practices through the global pandemic.  These funds must be allocated by November 30 to practices who will use the funds for specific purposes.

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Up to $40,000 per Practice

To be eligible for reimbursement, the applicants must be an independent medical firm based in North Carolina. 


Each practice will be split into one of two tiers.

Tier 1 can get up to $10,000 per FTE provider (up  to 4 providers) while Tier 2 can get up to $7,500 per provider (up to 4 providers).


The practice's tier will be based on their HPSA Score, Poverty Score, and County Distress Tier.

PCs, Cameras, Mics, and More

There is so much equipment needed to ensure a secure, reliable connection between patient and provider. 


We'll help you determine which equipment you already own is sufficient and what needs to be upgraded or replaced.

Telehealth Software
or Platform

Once you have the right equipment in place, do you know which telehealth software or platform will best fit the needs of your practice? 

We'll walk you through your HIPAA-compliant options to determine which fulfills your needs and then help you implement it so that your patients can continue receiving great care from their trusted providers

The deadline to file for this reimbursement is November 30. 

Let us help you with the reimbursement process and to deploy your telehealth solution prior to the deadline.

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