Providing the power of health system technology to our ambulatory partners

SSVA’s industry focus enables us to follow and analyze trends both in motion and on the horizon. These trends will not only impact how patient care is delivered, but also how healthcare organizations can recognize and achieve greater resource agility, cost efficiency, and organizational profitability through higher reimbursements.

We partner with our clients to navigate through the vast world of healthcare innovations.
Then, based on the specific needs and opportunities of the practice, develop a prioritized strategic roadmap and implementation guide. We also have the capability to work with your  organization to operationalize the agreed-upon toolsets, ensuring key success factors are achieved.


The process of innovation can (and should) be disruptive to the current workflows of an organization.
To ensure we understand these impacts, the first step is to perform a comprehensive assessment to identify your practice goals and opportunities. We then work with your organization to identify specific solutions to reach practice goals.  These solutions can include:



Learn how both video visits and asynchronous visits can benefit your patient care, patient engagement, reimbursements, and more



Let us ensure you are getting the most out of your EMR to achieve the highest levels of patient care, operational efficiency, increasing quality metrics



We want to help you become a data driven organization to increase operational efficiencies, reimbursements and clinical outcomes


of Care

We can help you provide a range new patient engagement strategies from caring for the chronically ill to reducing your patient no-show rate

Remote Patient Management

Better understand how RPM policy changes benefit your patient engagement, clinical outcomes, and real-time
patient interventions


Let us partner with your organization to develop an innovations strategic roadmap and implementation plan




By leveraging technology, practices are provided the unique capability of increasing service nationally to new patients and at the same time improving the work-life balance of their providers.



Increase the practice’s ability to meet the demands of MACRA/MIPS or other payer quality and interoperability metrics.


Consumers want telemedicine. Using telemedicine technologies reduces travel time and related stresses for the patient.


Studies have consistently shown that the quality of healthcare services delivered via telemedicine equal those given in traditional in-person consultations.


Increased revenue from a multitude of payment options including direct to patient or insurance coverages. CMS has indicated telemedicine reimbursement will be even more broadly available in 2019.

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The projected annual growth rate of telehealth is 27.5%,
estimated to reach a total of $9.35 billion in 2021

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