Cutting Edge Technology
for a Fixed Monthly Fee

Refresh your network without
the up-front costs

In an era when technology is advancing at an exponential rate, it is difficult to balance budgetary restrictions with maintaining modern technologies.  By bundling all network hardware, software, maintenance, monitoring, servicing, and installation into a predictable monthly fee, SSVA has made it possible for a business to focus on the services they need, not the items.

What's Included

  • Hardware and Licensing - Brand new, cutting edge Cisco Meraki firewalls, routers, switches, and wireless access points with all applicable warranties and licenses to ensure feature access and maintenance coverage.

  • SD-WAN Solution - Devices configured with redundant links to enable uninterrupted connectivity to branch sites and/or the Internet when the primary Internet service provider goes down.

  • Wireless and Mobility - Fully secure wireless network with ability to limit bandwidth between wireless networks, ensuring guest access doesn’t interfere with employee productivity or data integrity.

  • Network Management - Maintained hardware health and support from certified network engineers with automated alerting on common network issues, configuration management, and analytics.

  • Monthly Reporting - Monitoring and management tools installed on network devices allows for monthly reporting on internet usage and trends.



With all fees associated with the network refresh combined into one monthly payment, there are no upfront costs and a predictable monthly recurring fee, allowing for simplicity in billing and more accurate cost/value comparisons.

  • Guaranteed complete solution with ability to scale

  • All servicing is included

  • 98% up-time with SD-WAN solution

  • 2-4 hour RMA for defective products

  • Layer 7 visibility and Quality of Service control

  • Design architected by certified Meraki experts

  • Secure and isolated wireless solution

A carefully architected solution, designed to fulfill the needs of businesses who yearn to leverage modern technology to enable their employees and provide elevated services to their clients.

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