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Desktop Support

Strategic End User Support is a local IT helpdesk service for healthcare practices and other businesses. 


By handling technical support calls in our domestic call center, Strategic helps businesses of all sizes by:


  • Offering 24/7, high-touch helpdesk expertise for busy professionals and the critical technologies they rely on to do their jobs

  • Proactive monitoring of client IT ecosystems to stay one step ahead of any issue that may interrupt day-to-day operations

Strategic End User Support is an integral part of our Managed Services offerings.  We deliver these services to clients every day in a variety of industries outside of healthcare.  If you are looking for a partner to help tackle your daily IT challenges, please take a moment to learn more about our  Managed Services.


Strategic recognizes technology as a business enabler and differentiator. We are sensitive to the business strain associated with sub-optimal IT performance. Our technical support specialists have extensive experience working with a wide range of mission critical technologies. We treat every call with the highest level of urgency and professionalism whether we are speaking with doctors, healthcare administrators, CEOs, or other employees.


How Does it Work?

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Our local technical support center answers calls, emails, and other inquiries; logs trouble tickets; follows an escalation plan; and resolves problems according to your unique helpdesk strategy.  We work very closely with you to define this highly customized strategy so we’re helping only when and how you expect.  Strategic seamlessly blends into your existing organization and functions as just another member of the team.


Strategic's ticketing system is easy to use.  Due to its open infrastructure, it avails a consistent platform of communication, keeping our clients informed and in control at all times.


Strategic End User Support offers end-to-end issue resolution and you choose what types of calls our experts handle for you.  If you have internal technical resources, you also define the types of problems escalated to your in-house IT team, if any.  We support hardware and software issues including, but not limited to:


  • Electronic Health Records (Practice Management & EMR)

  • Desktops

  • Laptops

  • Servers

  • Telephony

  • Networks

  • Smartphones


Strategic’s support model includes proactive maintenance and monitoring of all the above systems on a 24/7 basis.


Adding Value to Your Business

Strategic End User Support offers help and relief to busy healthcare practices and overtaxed IT departments.  It provides a frontline buffer from:


  • After-hours support for critical technologies 

  • Off hours (weekend) projects for maintenance and major updates

  • Multiple calls about the same problem

  • Calls about basic issues that can be remediated with self-help resources

  • Daily interruptions that distract resource from other key responsibilities


Strategic End User Support fits seamlessly with your existing organization and infrastructure.  It ensures you and your team get an immediate response from local expert technicians who understand healthcare and other critical business technologies and who care about getting problems solved quickly and thoroughly.