Is your EHR sick?

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Optimizing your PM/EHR System

A "Sick EHR," or one that is performing poorly, has significant implications to the efficiency at which a medical practice operates, costing them time, money, and potentially patients. 


The rapid transition from paper-based records to EHR systems, in order to take advantage of government incentives, occurred more than five years ago.  What we have found is that these systems, regardless of what vendor was selected, were deployed in an almost "cookie cutter" fashion, with no consideration given to patient volume, growth trends, practice specialty, or long-term performance impact.

The Bad News

Fast-forward to today, and what we have is an industry frustrated by PM/EHR systems that are working against them and not for them.  With no real answers or path from the software vendors, practices across the country are left to deal with what has become the "new normal."

The Good News

The underlying issues that impact PM/EHR performance can be identified and remediated using our solutions.  Our approach to optimization is a proven process that measures and assesses every technical component from the user interface to the SQL database.  We have transformed many practices that were struggling with these issues into ones that are now seeing the ROI they had been expecting from their EHR.

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